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7 March 2017
Roger Bannister:   KOA supporters will be saddened to hear that Sir Roger Bannister died on 3 March 2018.  He came to start our Fun Run in 2013, the year that we raised funds for the Childrens Radio Foundation, a charity headed by his daughter Charlotte Bannister-Parker. See here for more.
27 Jan 2018
News from Standing Voice:    We have received a report on their activities we raised funds for in 2017
20 Nov 2017
News from Nasio Trust: Just an update on the water project –  Researchers at the University of Bath have come up with a simple colour changing test that will quickly allow water to be tested for excessive amounts of fluoride, and The Nasio Trust is going to help them field test it. See here for details, and a video.
22 July 2017
News from Standing Voice:  We have received a report from Standing Voice about their Vision Clinic in Daar-es-Salaam  In June 2017. This is the  kind of event that this year's fundraising will support. See here for the report.
8 Dec 2016
Annual General meeting:  A report on the AGM and the 2016 Fundraising can be found here.

News from Childrens Radio Foundation: We have received an interesting report from Childrens Radio Foundation about their joint project with Standing Voice which we supported in 2016

7 Mar 2016
News from Lunch4Learning: Ike Garson is visiting Uganda, and has sent us this photo:

Water Tank
From Ike: "Here is the first KOA-sponsored water tank. It is sited at St Matia Mulumba PS in the district for Jinja and has a capacity of 20,000 litres. This school had 126 pupils before the tank was completed and now has 305. The headteacher seems to think the tank was the trigger. "

23 Jan 2016
News from Standing Voice: Marilyn has been to visit their HQ. See her report here.

28 Sept 2015
A New Fundraiser: Huge thanks to Kievan, aged 8, has been busking in Gloucester Green on behalf of KOA and Standing Voice! He has raised 100 so far - see this video

28 Sept 2015
Report from Nasio Trust: We have had a report from the Nasio Trust showing how the work on the Spirulina Tanks is progressing.

5 March 2014
Peter Hooper: KOA is very sorry to have heard of the death of Peter Hooper after a long illness. Peter had been a strong supporter of KOA for very many years, and will be sadly missed. The funeral will be on Friday 14th March at 10.30 am at the Methodist Church in Upper Road, and afterwards at the Westwood Hotel, where coffee will be available from 12 noon, followed by a buffet lunch. All welcome.

Childrens Radio Foundation: The Oxford Youth Radio Journalists have returned from their visit to the youth radio project in Tanzania for which we raised funds last year.  A film "Reporting back from Tanzania" has been made which is to be shown at the Phoenix theatre, 57 Walton Street, on Saturday March 29th from 11 to 12.30am. It will cost 5 payable on the door with all proceeds going to CRF. If you would like to go please contact: emmanuelle@childrensradiofoundation.org

24 Feb 2014
The five Oxford Youth Radio Journalists trained by the Childrens Radio Foundation are now on their visit to the project in Tanzania. Take a look at the blog about their experiences!

11 Feb 2014
A couple of things today:

– A Press Release from Childrens Radio Foundation about the forthcoming visit of five Oxford Youth Radio Journalists to the project in Tanzania we supported last year

– If you were at last year's Fifties Fandango, (or even of you missed it!) you might enjoy this video of a song Peggy Seeger made for her brother Pete Seeger who died recently.

20 Jan 2014
We have had some interesting feedback on our 2005 project for HDRA.  The project we supported has taken off very successfully, and is now a significant contributor to the local economy.

11 Nov 2013
We have had an email from Charlotte Bannister-Parker at The Children’s Radio Foundation, expressing their thanks for this year's KOA fundraising for them:

"Dear Sylvia,

Just to say a huge thank you to the whole KOA team for the amazing cheque and donation they gave to the Children's Radio Foundation on Wednesday.

It has been such an incredible journey this last year and it is deeply moving how KOA raised so much money through so many different sources. We shall never forget the opening Fangango with Penny and Philip wonderful film, nor the door to door collection, the fun run,  the Merry Wives,  the jazz night  and so much more. You are a truly inspiration team in a wonderful village and you show the power of collective action for good. CRF will honour your donation and make sure that it makes real change and impact in the lives of children here in the UK ( at Matthew Arnold School and ) most importantly in Tanzania.

With all love and thanks to the whole team with deep appreciation from the bottom of my heart.


The total raised was 26312.52, including gift aid. See here for details.
7 Nov 2013
Linora Lawrence,  chair of the Oxford Writers Group, wrote a short story for her visit to Kennington Library. It has a theme closely associated with KOA - you can find it here.