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As you may know, KOA no longer does a House to House Collection, but you can still donate!

There are several ways of donating to this year's cause:

Donate via Paypal.

Deliver your donation by cash or cheque in an envelope marked 'KOA Donation' to any of these addressesBut see GiftAid A & B below)

Direct to the charity: but if you do that we won't be able to track your donation as part of the KOA campaign.

Tools for Self Reliance Web Site

You can boost your donation by 25% by Giftaiding it!

A: If your donation is anonymous (i.e. cash), and 20 or less, the charity can claim Small Donations Gift Aid, whether or not you pay income tax, and no form is needed.

B: If you send money by cheque or Paypal, or over 20 by cash, and you are an income tax payer, the charity can claim back the 25% of your donation that corresponds to income tax, provided you send us a GiftAid form. You can download the form here.

C: If you donate via the charity's web site, a Gift Aid declaration can be made online.