Project for 2018


The project  selected at the public meeting held on 20th January 2018 is:

Tools for Self Reliance: Wealth, Health and Wellbeing project in Northern Ghana

Tools for Self Reliance is a UK based charity with a mission to reduce poverty in Africa by helping people build sustainable livelihoods by providing training, tools and support.

This project will empower young women and men in Northern Ghana to realise their potential and live healthier and more fulfilling lives. This will be achieved by:

1. Improving opportunities:  providing vocational training to 40 people, and support them in establishing their own enterprises, enabling them to earn a sustainable income.
2. Changing attitudes:  carrying out a school outreach project with 1,000 young people focusing on early marriage and other issues like sexual health and gender based violence.

Although this project is primarily about female empowerment we recognise the need to explore and challenge existing attitudes of boys and men, so we will also work with them.

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