News from Standing Voice

A report from Marilyn Farr dated 15 Jan 2016:

Yesterday I made the odyssey out to Clapton to return unsold DVDs to Standing Voice, and was entertained to coffee by Harry and Jamie.
They had lots of news. The albinism conference in Tanzania appears to have been a great success. It was attended by delegates from 29 African countries - if I've understood correctly, reps of albinism associations, health care professionals and government officials. SV was able to demonstrate its health care model by holding cancer prevention and sight clinics at the conference venue while it was going on, which I thought was very innovative. Two major things that came out of it for SV are that they are shortly to meet government officials from Malawi to discuss setting up similar health care facilities there, and they have been offered 18 additional cancer treatment places at cost price at a private clinic run by a French specialist in Tanzania.
While he was there, Jamie also attended the first session of a SV clinic in a new area of Tanzania, where there is a backlog of serious cases, there having been no treatment available for skin cancer in that area until now.
Meanwhile back in London they are applying for major funding to bodies such as Rotary and the World Bank. And they are delighted to be involved with CRF. I put to them the question about village meetings that was raised at Wednesday's meeting, and they reassured me that these would not end just because they would have a wider reach via radio.
They send their best wishes to KOA.