Project for 2013

The following project for 2013 was selected at a public meeting held on 17th January 2013

Childrens Radio Foundation: Tanzania Youth Radio Network

The Children’s Radio Foundation (CRF) empowers young people through radio, giving them the tools and skills to tell share their experiences in their own voices. With over 50 projects across five African countries, we partner with local radio stations and community organizations to create opportunities for broadcast, youth dialogue, leadership, and social engagement. CRF is incorporated and registered in the US and the UK, and its project office is located in Cape Town, South Africa.
CRF trains youth reporters to use radio as a tool to start conversations about pressing issues in their local communities. We train youth to think critically, research, structure an argument, consult community members, and conduct interviews. With assistance from adult mentors at radio stations and community organizations, youth broadcast weekly radio shows for their peers, and interact with their audiences around issues like domestic violence, child rights, HIV/AIDS, education, and the environment. During the training and production process, young people develop confidence, critical thinking skills, and communication skills that are applicable in the classroom, workplace, and their communities.
Radio is the most effective medium to empower and inform young people in Africa. In 2011, over 90% of African households had access to a radio1 yet only 6.2% of the population logged on to the internet.2 Radio is easy to learn, inexpensive to produce, and has the ability to reach millions in even the most remote corners of the continent. Broadcasting in local languages and addressing community concerns, radio facilitates development, youth participation, and the advancement of human rights.

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