Project for 2012

 Lunch 4 Learning:  Helping East African schools to help themselves 

As a small, and relatively new Oxfordshire-based charity, we believe we are making a real difference in the lives of Ugandan children and school communities in the Jinja District on the shores of Lake Victoria. We aim to help young children to improve their school attendance and to learn more effectively through working with schools to provide a midday meal produced sustainably.

We support schools to establish ‘school gardens’ on which they can grow food crops (mainly maize) or rear animals. The children learn important agricultural skills for survival as well as growing food to eat. From our early pilots schools we know that they are able to be self-sustaining after about three years – and for a total outlay of less than 1 per pupil 

The Jinja district has around 100 primary schools, most of which are in very poor rural areas. In March 2009, Lunch4Learning started working with 54 of these schools which have been recruited into the programme across 4 phases. With 45,500 children already benefitting from our input, KOA’s support would enable us to extend the opportunity to a further 32 schools with 21,000 children.


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