Project for 2011

 Tools for Self Reliance: Empowering Artisans for Self-Sustainable Community Livelihoods 

The aim of this project is to assist in the alleviation of poverty of young people in four of the most deprived rural farming communities in the Upper East and Northern region of Ghana by providing them with essential vocational and life skills needed for creating long term and sustainable livelihoods that will mitigate against the effects of climate change and its effects on agriculture.
 In partnership with long term partner TRAX Ghana, Tools for Self Reliance proposes to provide a holistic package of support involving the vocational training of thirty six young people in various trades including blacksmithing, tailoring, carpentry, auto mechanics, shoe repair, bicycle repair, construction and appliance repair. This will be complemented by sending thirty-six toolkits to provide the newly trained youths with the equipment that they need to sustain them in their new trades. Tools for Self Reliance tries to support a range of skills in an effort to promote vocational and income diversification and to ensure that the local market does not become saturated with one skill. In addition to receiving tools and training in their use, care and refurbishment, participants will also receive training in essential micro-entrepreneurial skills such as book-keeping, marketing, more efficient craftsmanship methods and, where necessary, basic literacy and numeracy over a one year period. 
 Once their training is completed, each participant will be assigned at least two disadvantaged youths who will serve as apprentices under the stewardship of the original project participant. In this way, the skills training is replicated and passed down to the next generation – perpetuating a positive cycle of wealth creation. This coupled with the provision of tools ensures long-term sustainability of this project.

Interim Report Sep-Nov 2011

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