Project for 2010

 Practical Action:  Improving Lives - Peru, Bolivia and Equador

High in the Peruvian Andes, many families live, cook and sleep in a single room, made of mud and thatched with straw. During the winter months they struggle against heavy rainfall, frosts and extreme cold, and in the summer face severe drought.
Communities are struggling to make a living traditionally, rearing alpacas and growing potatoes, as both are weakened by droughts and downpours. With an annual income of just £180 per family, from the sale of crops and wool, many communities are living on the edge

Families living in such isolated areas are hit first and hardest by climate change and now need to be able to adapt their way of life in order to survive. By introducing simple technologies and sharing practical skills, we can help to ensure that whole communities can build self-sufficient lives.

Specifically, this project will work with 11 communities in the rural districts of Maranganí, Sichuani and San Pablo to introduce clean piped water, safe environmentally sound sanitation and renewable energy from sun, wind and water power. To ensure sustainability long after the project has ended, we will work with community experts (known as 'Kamayoqs') who will be trained to share information with families across the project districts.

This three and a half year project, ending in December 2011, will improve the lives and livelihoods of some 1,700 women, men and children across the Andes.

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