Project for 2007

As usual, the selection meeting found it difficult to choose between three very good proposals; at the first vote no one proposal had an overall majority.  On the second vote between top two, the proposal from Friends of Bonou was a clear winner.

Friends of Bonou:  Dangbo Educational Project, Bénin, West Africa

Dangbo is the largest town in the Bonou region and is where the young people from Bonou attend secondary school.  The town has a population of 70,000 and is an agricultural area whose main products are palm oil, vegetables and fishing. Dangbo provides the capital, Porto-Novo, with the majority of its fish and vegetables. There are 56 primary schools in Dangbo that feed into the Lycée (secondary school), in addition to the rural primary schools like Bonou.  One of the UN Millennium Development Goals is for all African countries to achieve universal primary education by 2015.  Bénin is actively pursuing the goal but the democratic government is struggling due to poor infrastructure (buildings in particular) and a lack of resources (teachers and learning materials).  Parents do supplement where they can; but without basic textbooks it will be some time before all Bénin’s children receive the full education they are entitled to.

The Friends of Bonou, in partnership with the Dangbo local government and the parents, would like to improve the educational opportunities of the pupils of the 56 primary schools and of the students of the Dangbo Lycée by supporting the provision of the following:

Alongside the above items we are actively pursuing the development of a working link with a local Secondary school here in England with the aim of enriching and enhancing the curriculum of both schools with global themes, raising cultural awareness, sharing sporting interests and providing professional development opportunities for staff.

The full proposals can be downloaded by clicking on  doc, or  pdfIf you would like a printed copy of the full proposal, please phone or email Clive Rodgers (739447),  Sylvia Vetta (739071), or Brenda Groth (739229).

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