Annual Report 2006

At the KOA annual general meeting on November 16th we heard that yet again Kennington has raised a record total, £20,868!  Many thanks to everyone for contributing to this worthwhile cause, and to all our supporters, for their hard work.  Grace Townshend, the chairman of Thembisa Trust, received the cheque, and  conveyed the thanks of African Enterprise, the local charity who will be overseeing the work, and of the pre-school staff and children.  Architects have been appointed (who will not charge for their work) and building will be started in the near future. 

    Sylvia Vetta, who stepped down as chairman at this meeting,  expressed her personal thanks to the rest of the committee for their work over many years, and to the village as a whole for being so generous.  David Butler, treasurer, in presenting the accounts, pointed out that not only has the village raised over £250,000 over the years, but the amount we raise annually has increased in real terms by a factor of more than five since the start! Our first year’s total of £350 in 1969 is equivalent to just under £4000 in today’s money.

Grand Total:  £20,868

Cabaret & Cardamons

Wine & Cheese/Cakes 268
House to House

KOA Shop 3967
Sponsored Knit 420
Garden Tea Party 203
KOA United Service 156
Charity Opera Concert
United Choirs 7716
Scouts Gang Show
Grand Fete/Auction (with PTA) 1194
Donations 518
Guided Walk 250
Coins 149
Band Concert 215
Cecillie's cakes
Fun Run & Walk 992
General Expenses -183
Kids for KOA 124