Annual Report 2005

Our AGMs are not boring long meetings but celebrations of the people who have helped over the past year, and of the results achieved. Treasurer, David Butler was able to announce an ALL TIME RECORD of £20,380 . There were many events  that  achieved records including the new joint fete and the House to House collection. Tony Daw is retiring from organising it after more than 20 years, although he will continue to participate. Chairman Brenda Groth  led the meeting in showing our appreciation.  
The biggest contribution to the record was from the United Choirs and their generous anonymous donor. The donor gives not just to KOA but to all charities, local, national and international that the choir supports. He /she is a warm hearted human being. Thank you, anonymous donor!
Dr Julia Wright from HDRA had visited us several times during the year. She bought Professor Harris with her to receive the cheque. He was able to give as a fascinating and encouraging report. If  OUR PROJECT succeeds it could lead to it being extended in Kenya and replicated in Sierra Leone .We should feel proud that our village played a key role in its beginning. We hope to put his report on the web site so villagers who couldn’t attend can read it. They both intend to come to next year’s fete, to bring examples of work from the villages   which result from a friendly competition between them to produce the best products. They will also bring some of the sweet  smelling BBQ charcoal our tree, the prosopis can produce.
 There was news from last year’s  project. Mali has suffered a bad drought and the women of Manancoro asked if the first use of our money could be to provide water storage tanks for their market garden enterprise. The result is that their agriculture has survived a harsh time. 
Thank you all for your generosity and an especial thank you to the children of St. Swithuns School for your support. You have done a great thing!

Grand Total:  £20,380

Cabaret & Cardamons

Fun Run & Walk
House to House

Kids for KOA
Litter Pick

Wine & Cheese/Cakes 295
Sponsored Knit

KOA Shop 3858
KOA United Service 60
Coffee Morning/Bring & Buy
United Choirs 7454
Safari Supper 312
Grand Fete/Auction (with PTA) 1628
Donations 229
Guided Walk 461
Coins 47
Band Concert 196
General Expenses -185