Project for 2004

At the Kennington Overseas Aid annual selection meeting on January 9th we had a difficult choice to make. All four projects proposed by different charities were very worthwhile and received support but in the end we could only choose one and the majority vote was for the Mali Development Group’s Manankoro Women’s project.


Mali is a democratic country in West Africa, which is 5 times the size of the UK with a population of 11 million. It is stable and free from conflict but very poor indeed. It is the 6th poorest country in the worl

Mali Development Group

Mali Development Group is an Oxfordshire based organisation and a registered charity. It works with partners Jeunesse et Developpement, a Malian registered charity. Together they have has already improved health provision and reduced infant disease and child death in the Manankoro area.

Where will our money help?

The money we raise is to help the Manankoro Women’s Project. It is well acknowledged that practical local measures, which enhance women’s economic role and improve educational levels have a powerful impact especially in rural areas. It is proposed to build 5 grain grinding mills, to be managed and operated by local women. This will have a major impact on the lives of women who will no longer have to spend six hours per day pounding millet to make food. There will be a repayment system, which will in due course enable funding to be used for other mills and then other equipment.

Some money will be used to establish a credit scheme for Manankoro women to enable them to start small business projects.

There is a lack of very basic supplies so some money would be spent on reading materials to aid literacy and medical supplies such as rubber gloves.

We have the chance to make a real difference to the lives of these very poor people in Manankoro and to enable them to take steps towards improving their own lives and those of their children. The money we raise, with the help of the people of Kennington, will go a long way in these village communities, to enable them to help themselves.

The traditional labour-intensive way Using a grinding machine
Pestle & Mortar

If you would like to have further details of the project, please contact Clive Rodgers (739447) or Brenda Groth (739229).  We are already planning this year’s programme and would warmly welcome anyone who can help in any way with fundraising events. You can enjoy yourselves at the same time as helping those in need!  Our next planning meeting is on Friday February 13th at 8pm at 9 Bagley Wood Road. Do come along!

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