Annual Report 2004

The Annual General Meeting of Kennington Overseas Aid took place on 16th November. The group of loyal supporters waited eagerly to hear whether the amount raised this year for the Mali Development Group’s project to support the women of Manankoro in southern Mali would be a record again for KOA. It was indeed! The people of Kennington once more gave their enthusiastic support. The amazing amount of £19,319.47  was raised during this year. Well done everyone!

Special thanks go as always to the United Choirs under the leadership of Trevor Cowlett for raising the largest single amount with their performances of “Orpheus in the Underworld. Once again the great generosity of an anonymous donor significantly raised the total and we are most grateful for this. Other events which did particularly well were the House-to-House collection, Cabaret & Cardomons and the Fun Run. It was good to see the Fun Run do so well under the new leadership and we hope this will continue. Altogether seven events broke their records this year.

Our Chairman for 2003-4, Clive Rodgers was thanked for his able leadership this year and a new Chairman, Brenda Groth, and Vice-Chairman, Sylvia Vetta were elected to serve for the forthcoming year. Secretary, Val Martin, and Treasurer, David Butler were re-elected.

After the business part of the meeting came the presentation of the cheque to John Hedge of the Mali Development Group.  John expressed the gratitude of the Mali Development Group and the people of Manankoro for the great support of the people of Kennington for the African villages. Before refreshments were served we had some good fun as the local press photographer took pictures of the cheque presentation and the assembled supporters.

Grand Total:  £19319

Cabaret & Cardamons

Fun Run & Walk
House to House

Kids for KOA
Litter Pick

Wine & Cheese/Cakes 293
Sponsored Knit

KOA Shop 3471
KOA United Service 105
Coffee Morning 186
United Choirs 5545
Safari Supper 308
Grand Fete/Auction (with PTA) 1178
Donations 753
Guided Walk 329
Coins 50
Band Concert 228
Donations in memory of Phillip Warner

General Expenses

Mali Development Group report 2005