Annual Report 2002

At the Annual General Meeting on Friday 15th November, the Chairman, Sylvia Vetta, reviewed the activities for the year, and revealed that the final total for the year was yet again a record, 16172.53 raised for the Integrated Village Development Trust, almost 2000 more than last year.

Kennington United Choirs in particular helped us to reach this remarkable total, with their entertaining performance of 'The Merry Widow'. We are especially grateful to an anonymous donor, who added very generously to the total, and who's donation encouraged the audience to dig deeper into their pockets. Other events that have done particularly well this year are the Fete, the Fun Run, the Grand Draw, the Copper Collection, and the Guided Walk - many thanks to Jack and Margaret Ibbott who have led this for many years, and are now retiring from the leadership.

Grand Total from Kennington to IVDT:  16172.53


House to House Collection 2474
Sponsored Knit 365
Kids for KOA Concert 193
Cabaret and Cardamoms 529
Wine & Cheese + Cakes 262
Table Top Sale 107
Fun Run & Walk 774
Litter Pick 75
Oxford Street Collection 337
Grand Fete/Auction (with PTA) 935
Kennington Band Concert 224
KOA United Service collection 88
Kennington United Choirs 5451
Coffee Morning, Bring & Buy 155
Guided Walk 273
KOA Shop 2863
Grand Draw 258
Quiz Night 90
Donations 407
Coppers 181
Barbeque 214
General expenses -81